Richard Dutton, Acting General Manager starts a new business.

Committed to Better Energy at Total Gas & Power in the Netherlands

At Total in the Netherlands, Richard Dutton is tasked with setting up a new business in a very mature market which is found difficult at some times, but being part of TOTAL S.A. helps in finding the right setting for the company. “By supplying energy to end users, we receive daily feedback from our customers. We are an active player in an energy market that is in transition, and we are best placed to adapt to the energy needs of the future. Committed To Better Energy is not only the slogan of the company, it is in the strength of the people at TOTAL, to work a bit harder and making that extra step and wanting to grow into a better place”.

Acting General Manager

With the experience at Total in the UK, Richard hopes to influence his work in the Netherlands, however a startup company is more difficult to set up than working at Total Gas & Power in the UK, which existed for over 25 years and has a different role in the energy market. While there are similarities between the UK and Dutch markets, there are also many differences which need to be understood and considered in order to minimalise the risks in the business.

Boldness in the Dutch Energy Market

We have big ambitions for the future growth, and that growth should be underpinned by an operationally sound operations team supporting the sales needs. A few of the many ways we want to achieve this is by surprising the saturated energy market with innovative products and services.


Entering a mature market is a challenge, but one we face with confidence

Short Resume

  • Acting General Manager

    January 2015 - Present

  • Director of Operations

    January 2013 - Present

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