Total S.A. is a multinational and we employ more than 100,000 people in over 130 countries. Together with our subsidiaries and sister companies, Total is the fourth largest, publicly traded, integrated oil and gas company in the world.

Meet TotaI in The Netherlands

In the Netherlands, we operate through independent subsidiaries. Each of them have their own unique history, distinctive expertise and clientele, but they are all guided in their day-to-day activities by the four cornerstone behaviours of our Total attitude. These form the basis of our shared identity: boldness, listening, mutual support and cross-functionality. They all contribute to power the way the world moves and works, and serve their customers with technologically advanced products that improve the quality of life.

Our know how, products and services

We are active across the entire energy spectrum. From the exploration and production of natural gas to the refinery, marketing, supply and transport of oil and gas and to the production and marketing of chemicals.

Our core values

Our activities in the Netherlands are based on business principles and core values of professionalism, respect and exemplary conduct, and an ongoing commitment to safety and protection of the environment.

Key Figures

  • 4billion m3
    natural gas produced yearly on the Dutch North Sea
  • 22platforms
    produce 10% of the Dutch natural gas consumption
  • 350
    service stations
  • 2,500

Informatie Total M&S NL, G&P NL and E&P NL 2014

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