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Total will provide lubricants for oosterscheldekering for the next 25 years

Total is meeting a major challenge at the Dutch southwest coast, one of great importance to protect the Dutch people from the powerful North Sea. It involves supplying hydraulic lubricants for the biggest and foremost important storm surge barrier of the Dutch Delta Works, ‘the Oosterscheldekering’. This barrier protects the Dutch Southwest coast from potential major flooding.

Changing the hydraulic lubricants every 25 years

The massive 9 km movable barrier consists of 65 hydraulic and 124 conserving oil systems which need constant lubrication enabling movement of the barrier. The barrier’s sluice gates require a complete change of lubricants every 25 years and this complete system renewal involves approximately 700 m3 of high quality ‘Equivis’ ZS hydraulic lubricants. This is the equivalent of around 23 lubricant trucks which Total will deliver over the course of about 6 months in 2015. 


Constant quality hydraulic lubricants until 2020

At Total we can assure the constant supply of Equivis ZS which will remain consistent in quality and formula until 2020. The reliability of the product was also vouched for by letters of guarantee from DAF Trucks NV and Tata Steel BV, leading international customers of Total. In addition, we developed a constant oil analysis and diagnosis system for lubricants together with ANAC (ANAlysis Compared), the Total Lubricants diagnosis system in Belgium.

Strategic partnerships guarantee availability within hours

To guarantee the continuous availability of our product, we set up a specific supply plan with our strategic partners.

  • Our blending plant is located in Belgium at a distance of only 80 km from the barrier. 

  • Our partner Oliehandel Dekker, which handles the transportation, is located only 20 km from the barrier and ensures product delivery within hours. 

We are in constant contact with all parties ensuring optimal communication and quick response. By the end of 2015 this project of renewing the lubricants of the barrier should be completed.

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